Friendship is a weird and complicated thing if you pause to think about it. 

I can only speak from my own personal experience - but I feel like most everyone has had at least one friend in their life. A person who just gets you. Who you can talk to about most anything and not grow bored with. 

What I’m saying is: I feel like each friendship you have is a small miracle, don’t you think? Because I’m a human being and I make mistakes. I’m annoying and I’m vain and I have my days where I hate everything and everyone. But then here is this person, or several people, who take you as you are - all your flaws and idiosyncrasies - and loves you, all these things included. They can see pass all of that and see that you’re an amazing person. That you’re funny and adorable and kind. Your friends choose you to be friends with. They could have decided that you’re not worth it, but you are to them. 

When you find a good friend (and I avoid the word ‘best friend’ because that makes it sound like you can only have one), not some casual acquaintance, you can tell. You can tell that they are a person you want in your life and a person you can really, really care about. And it’s a beautiful feeling. It’s a miracle that out of all the people on this earth, you find them and they find you and together you can sit and talk for hours about really dumb things, or at different times, sit in silence and not be bothered by it. 

Throughout your life, friends are made and friends are lost. Bad things happen and bridges burn - but then there are the bridges that are built up, year after year, and last through every storm. 

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